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As a free utility, TinyTask does not have formal technical support available at this time (that may change in the future, as the userbase grows).
Creative TinyTask enthusiasts have put together some helpful instructional videos:
The Technology Firm
ToThePoint TTP
Kacharuk Marukpitak
Eugenio Chaparro (español)
Pc PROBLEM (español)
japs jonat (español)


 How to end a recording:
Press the same button that you used to Start the recording (it's a multi-use toolbar button). Alternatively, you can use the keyboard hotkey combo, which is "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R"  by default (can be changed in the Options). This works for both the start & stop recording. By design, this keyboard combo is omitted from the recording itself.

 How to stop a runaway playback:
TinyTask is supposed to watch for the key presses Break or ScrollLock or Pause, and immediately stop playback. It's possible that another app has captured the keyboard or otherwise interfered, but TinyTask is designed to emergency stop with those keys. (Note: the Escape key is not a good choice for emergency stops, since it's so commonly used for normal interactions during recordings.)

 Why no custom keyboard combinations:
A version was created that included full customization of the Start/Stop/Play key mappings (hotkeys). Unfortunately, the extra size added to the program was unacceptable for the TinyTask concept. As a compromise, the current key combo options were chosen to avoid conflicts with other programs, while still providing some basic customization beyond a single hard-coded key mapping.
This is under consideration for a future upgrade.
(if a missing feature annoys you, it probably annoys the TinyTask programmer, too. Working on it.)

 How to use TinyTask for gaming:
Run as Administrator Source: [1]  [2]  (see comments sections for both references)

 Running TinyTask as a foreground or background app:
It runs in both foreground & background, but only interacts with visible foreground apps. This is by design, since it is a GUI automation tool (it works with running applications), not a batch/script execution engine.

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