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TinyTask is a minimalist Windows automation app you can use to record and repeat actions. As the name implies, it's unbelievably small (only 33KB!), ultra compact, and 100% portable.
No scripting is necessary - just press record, then play!
version 1.62
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TinyTask is free software available for personal use, but it does cost money to develop & host this project. This website only exists due to donations. Historically, only 1 in 10,000 downloaders donates*.
Q:  Can my company install TinyTask in the workplace?  Answer
As the author and maintainer of this app, I'm currently an unemployed software engineer, so every donation is important. You can be the special person who keeps TinyTask alive!

*Recent Supporters:
    JT  gave $10 on October 7  -  I hope this software always makes your life easier
    IB  gave $5 on October 1  -  Thanks for the encouraging support and using TinyTask
    SH  gave $5 on Sept 26  -  Thank you for coming to the website and donating for this cause
    CR  gave $25 on Sept 17  -  Your amazing generosity validates the concept of user-supported software!!!
    WB  gave $5 on Sept 13  -  Your automated car race recording is a great use for TinyTask!
    RG  gave $5 on Sept 12  -  It's been awhile with no donations, so your help was very appreciated

Updates  and  News
  TinyTask 1.62       [Download]       (This is the latest published version)

(Also installer version now available)
  • Added custom playback speeds

Pick any playback rate that you wish. The #1 request of 2017, so, so many people asked for this; finally added it. Thanks to all who suggested it, and your patience.

  TinyTask 1.61           [Download]
Programmer Notes:  v1.61 made TinyTask more usable, and refreshed the codebase.
  • New additional playback speeds
  • Normal-sized caption bar
  • Added "Always on Top" option
  • Added Alt+Tab support for app switching
  • Playback now counts down remaining time
  • Fixed memory error during long recordings
  • Low-level intrinsic function upgrades
  • Somehow, even Tinier than previous versions
  TinyTask 1.50           [Download]
Programmer Notes:  Version 1.50 was the long-lived TinyTask build that first achieved popularity. This was the primary download from 2010-2016.
  • Added "Compile EXE" feature
  • Added Repeat Playback
  • User preferences stored in portable .ini file
  • Tiny caption bar (no alt-tab)
  • Includes tooltips when hovering with mouse
  • Very stable. Tested by over 100,000 users

"TinyTask is a neat, little macro recorder that can automate just about any process or sequence of actions on your PC. It not only records and saves macros but also compiles them, turning your recorded macros into executable programs. At just 33KB, TinyTask truly is tiny."
"TinyTask is well known for being the smallest macro software at an amazing 33KB in size. With that kind of file size, you would expect a really simple application with probably only two functions such as record and playback but there is more than that."
"I like macro programs to automate testing, but when they're portable, free, can compile to exe and ACTUALLY WORK, I love them."

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