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• How did you get this program so small?
• Who is the TinyTask programmer?
• What is the difference between the .EXE, .ZIP, and SETUP downloads?
• Is TinyTask always free, even for corporate/business use?
• How do I stop playback / use with games / etc etc...?
• Where is the "TyperTask" program?
• Why is the Help so sparse?
• Will you please add [some feature]?
• Any upgrade announcements?  What's the future of TinyTask?
How did you get this program so small?
Fun Fact: The graphics in TinyTask (icons, toolbars) take up half of the app size, the actual program logic itself is only 16 kB.
C programming  - just pure C on a command line.
 Native OS API calls were used exclusively, which has the additional benefit of creating a hyper-fast program. No Java runtimes / .NET / plugins / or any other dependencies contaminate the purity that is TinyTask.
 Careful choice of variable data storage size and resource (graphics) optimization for absolute minimum overhead.
 Balance of compiler optimization switches for compact code generation.
 Some interesting proprietary technical strategies, which are trade secrets.
TL;DR   -  TinyTask was programmed with a fanatical obsession for zero code bloat.
Who is the TinyTask programmer?
I'm just some guy, you know?  Actually, more precisely, some guy who is passionate about efficiency and also happens to know C-coding, which resulted in creating TinyTask to do my work for me - and now your work too! Everybody wins.
It is very gratifying to hear that my little project has helped other people.  :)

What is the difference between the .EXE, .ZIP, and SETUP downloads?
There is a single file that is the TinyTask program ("tinytask.exe") that is the self-contained 32-bit app. The various formats are different ways of packaging the same file.
The "tinytask.zip" file just contains tinytask.exe in compressed form, which can be useful for environments where downloading executable files is blocked. Windows can natively extract this file by double-clicking it.
The "tinytask_setup.exe" option is a standard Windows installation file. It installs TinyTask to its own Program Files folder and Start Menu app, optionally adds a desktop icon, and also includes an uninstall capability. This is the typical application package you would get for commercial software. The brilliant Inno Setup was used to create the install package, which TinyTask has supported with donations multiple times.
If you're not sure which one to get, then the .exe download is the best choice.
Is TinyTask always free, even for corporate/business use?
Yes, the current version of TinyTask is free even for companies.  Since you are using this app in an commercial enterprise for revenue, we kindly request support for this software with a donation.
Friendly encouragement should have motivated companies to do the ethically correct thing, but no company or business entity has EVER contributed or supported this software since its inception. This in spite of using the app for profit, pestering for tech support, sending emails describing how TinyTask successfully automated their billing process, and even requesting my signature on legal documents to grant use of TinyTask in their product with no restrictions. All unpaid, of course. There are some unbelievable stories.
I've been unemployed for awhile, so this has become extra frustrating. If you are from a company with multiple users who wants to leverage TinyTask as a no-cost solution, please be informed that the free version is not authorized for your environment.
Because years of evidence have indisputably established that businesses will never voluntarily contribute, a fixed $500 fee has been set which allows unlimited TinyTask installations within a company.

How do I stop playback / use with games / etc etc...?
Listed on the Support page.

Where is the TyperTask program?
"TyperTask" is the keyboard automation component of TinyTask, which is probably even more productivity enhancing than TinyTask.
It is being developed and upgraded. Expect new releases in the near future.

Why is the Help so sparse?
A program 33kb in size doesn’t leave much space for verbose documentation - most other programs' icons alone are bigger. But it is definitely a legitimate complaint about the lack of Help docs. A conscious effort was made to keep the app ridiculously simple & basic, and thus hopefully require almost no documentation.
Apologies for any confusion and/or aggravation this may have caused you. Hopefully you can embrace the "self-discovery" approach with this software.

Will you please add  [some feature]?
Since it's not a commercial product, TinyTask is developed when time and motivation permit. If you absolutely want to, you can send ideas to admin@tinytask.net. Of course, any request that adds significant size to the program is opposite the TinyTask philosophy and will probably get vetoed.

Any upgrade announcements?  What's the future of TinyTask?
Actually, yes, quite a few enhancements are planned for this software. I'm usually running a pre-release version as my daily driver. But publicly announcing a release date virtually guarantees that setbacks will happen. It's best to let TinyTask grow organically, like it was originally created.
Encouraging feedback plus contributions are very effective motivators, and help to advance this project. You can directly influence new TinyTask updates.

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